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Ron Stillness

Ron Weasley Stillness
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Ron Stillness

Welcome to ron_stillness! This is a weekly icontest for the Character Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter books and movies. New contests will be announced every Sunday at midnight. Icons are due Friday at midnight and voting will go up at that time. Voting will go until Sunday and winners will be announced when the next challenge is.

Admin: hazel_eyes_86
Co-Mods: lelymarques, cooper_666, and thenarnianqueen
Banners: iluvbeingme23 and cooper_666


1. This is a stillness community, do not submit animated icons.
2. Do not get people to vote for you or post your icons anywhere until the contest is over.
3. If the icons are offensive in anyway they will be disqualified.
4. You must join to enter
5. Follow all rules of the challenge you are entering
6. Be nice to all members and have fun


Harry Potter Comms:

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