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February 2008
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Mrs Josh Hutcherson [userpic]

We could do with afew more entries! I'll extend it until tomorrow!

Bring in the Ron love! ♥

Mrs Josh Hutcherson [userpic]


Ron at Grimmauld Place; make icons of Ron in OotP at Grimmauld Place, anytime throughout the film. Have fun;

. Maximum four entries
. Icons must be new; no recycled icons
. Icons must not be posted elsewhere until results are announced
. Icons due Sunday 10th February 2008 ♥
. Use any picture you like; 2 are under the cut to start you off

Ron picture goodness this wayyyCollapse )

melodieuse [userpic]

Challenge 53 Voting!

Vote for your TOP THREE :)

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6. 7.

Mods, can someone please post the next challenge?

melodieuse [userpic]

We have a total of three entries. In like, three weeks. So, please get entering:


melodieuse [userpic]

Is this comm really dead? We have a total of three entries from two people for this weeks challenge. Really?

Please Enter Here! Challenge is extended!

melodieuse [userpic]

Is there no more Weasley love?

Enter Here!

melodieuse [userpic]

We only have ONE ENTRY for this weeks challenge! You even get two full pics, no bases this week!


melodieuse [userpic]

. Maximum four entries
. Icons must be new
. Icons must not be posted elsewhere until results are announced.
. Icons due next Friday.

Two Full Weasley Pics Below The Cut!Collapse )

Mods, if you're still active, please leave a comment so we can figure out a new schedule.
PS: This is cooper_666!

Entries : 09

Cooper [userpic]

Just so you know, I have made a new account, melodieuse. I'll be using it for future posts :)

Mods, seriously, is anyone going to post the next challenge?

Cooper [userpic]

Challenge 52 Results!!

1st: revoked

2nd: unsureone

Mods Choice: notanothersound

Mods, who's posting next?

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